Club Competition Results

Competition 2021 Winner 2021 Runner Up
Mens Open Singles J Naughton J Steele
Ladies Open Singles Miss L O’Driscoll Ms C Duckworth
Mens Open Doubles J Naughton and G Vernon J Steele and N Freear
Ladies Open Doubles Miss L O’Driscoll and Miss D Allistone Ms C Duckworth and Mrs S Maciver
Mixed Open Doubles Miss K Sayer and G Vernon J Naughton and Miss L O’Driscoll
Mens Handicap Singles I Gilston J Horrocks
Ladies Handicap Singles not played
Mens Handicap Doubles I Gilston and D Eyes J Horrocks and S Henders
Ladies Handicap Doubles Miss A Rooney and Mrs R Jones Mrs S Carter and Miss D Johnson
Mixed Handicap Doubles Mrs S Carter and T Jones Miss D Johnson and M Greene

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